How long does tren hex take to kick in

Hi the way that I remote play locally on first connect to wifi at home then have ps4 logged in to same psn. After go to ps4 link on vita go to settings restore settings then press x after click remote play than cancel it it should give you the option to manually connect using the pin go on ps4 settings remote play settings add device use the pin on vita. Works for me! I restarted my vita and its still working after restart no need to repeat the process yet lol I couldnt get this to work using this other methodhexedit please help!

NorokVokun said:
This is by far the best animation i have seen on e621, inkbunny, FurAffinity etc... it is so smooth, the transition betwene the scenes and loops is just perfect, the colors are just THERE, the level of detail was amazing and i love that you use HTML 5 insted of flash. The only hting that (kinda... not really...) bugged me was, that when slowing down to a certain pioint it just are pictures and no animation anymore... maybe next time you could work that out a tiny bit more that it only goes down to a point where it is slowmo but not picture for picture like in this one. but still oh god... now i really have to create a patreon account just to support you! If there only were more that dedicated so much to learning how to propperly animate... oh and btw your pal made a amazing job on the lighting aswell... just 100/10 perfect!

How long does tren hex take to kick in

how long does tren hex take to kick in


how long does tren hex take to kick inhow long does tren hex take to kick in