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I am very frustrated with trying to get my labels sent to me. I have made 3 orders now and I pay using "my wallet" and there is no option to request labels be sent. I have tried leaving a request in comments box on my last order and that didn't work so I emailed them. It took almost a month for them to respond to my email. I received my order in early sept. and they didn't send my labels until oct. 10th and I still haven't received them. I am trying to place another order so I asked the online help what I needed to do to be sure they got my request to for labels. their answer was to leave a comment in the comment box when I order. If it didn't work last time why would I expect it to work this time? It shouldn't be this big an issue to get my labels sent to me!

Jintani tren ace

jintani tren ace


jintani tren acejintani tren ace