One piece trebol vs usopp

They were interrupted when a ship thrown by Trebol crashed into the tower. Trebol then captured Leo and his fellow dwarves with his sticky substance. After tricking Leo into revealing who they were allied with, Trebol ignited the sticky substance, causing it to explode. Leo was then blown away to where Usopp was. After picking up Leo, Usopp urged that they should retreat. However, Leo was insistent on completing the operation so Thunder Soldier could fight Doflamingo. When Usopp asked him why the dwarves put so much faith in the toy soldier, Leo revealed that Thunder Soldier is the only toy who can rebel against Doflamingo and that he is none other than Kyros. [12] With all the dwarves incapacitated, Leo put his faith in Usopp. [24]

She headed to the Castle Garden to meet Luffy and Law after being informed of their presence by her subordinates. She prepared to exact revenge by touching them and erasing their entire existence. Just as she got close to the two, Usopp locked on to Sugar from the old King's Plateau, launching a "Long Range Bagworm" after awakening his Kenbunshoku Haki . The bagworm contained a recreation of Ussopp's Tatababasco face made by Kanjuro , which flew by Sugar at close range and high speed. This attack caused Sugar to relive her earlier trauma and lose consciousness once again, saving both Luffy and Law from her powers. [6]

After their ship is stolen, Luffy’s crew is adrift for over a week, leaving plenty of time to lament the loss. Then, to add insult to injury, they are tricked and caught by the Thief Brothers, which inadvertently ends up being their first lead as to who has their ship, the Going Merry! The dastardly deed was pulled off by none other than the nefarious Trump Siblings, a group of pirates that terrorize Clockwork Island. Now, the gang must travel to Clockwork Island to not only reclaim their vessel, but also to potentially find the world famous treasure -- the Diamond Clock -- as well!

One piece trebol vs usopp

one piece trebol vs usopp


one piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usopp