Prop 100

Voters in Colorado and Washington DC were both deprived of thier right to be counted. In Colorado it was a voter's registrar's adminitstrative decision to discount voter petitions, and in Washington DC it took an act of Congress by the Republican dominated House to forbid that the votes be counted. Exit polls in both areas showed healthy margins of victory for medical marijuana. Colorado voters finally had their say in 2000 and approved the reform. Apparently, the Drug War is not healthy for democracy.

Arizona’s current crop of Republican leaders have long advocated for limited government. Let’s give it to them. Let’s have classrooms crammed with 40 and 50 kids;  school districts eliminating football and other sports to try to keep as many teachers employed as possible; counties jacking property taxes sky high to pay for state prisoners and indigent health care;  lines at the DMV stretching out the door and down the street; the serioulsy mentally ill wandering the streets untreated and unmedicated; the elderly in nursing homes dying of bedsores because there weren’t enough inspectors to ensure minimum levels of care; cases of child abuse and neglect going uninvestigated because there aren’t enough CPS caseworkers; and businesses fleeing the state to find better schools and better living standards for their workers.

Prop 100

prop 100


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