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I appreciate humor in the daily words, some words at the site can be a little on the edge but that is not like I am. It is only translations. Private I am very tidy in both language and ways. Humor is humor and the “buisness” of entertainment is to entertain.
My asthma blogging is not a complaint wall , it is made to fill the lack of information that is about this wide spread lung illness, called asthma. In 2011 about 300 million people got asthma world wide according to Ginasthma and WHO. My blogg tell you the plain and brutal truth you do not find on your doctors website - what it is, how it affects, and what it feels like. Some is self lived, some is others statements and other info and news. Learn also what you can do to make the days of any asthmatic person a better place to be. Maybe some posts can at times sound like complainting, but the reality is it is not always a sunday strawl either. But the purpouse is not complainting, read it as info.
You can also read about what it is like to be hearing disabled and other stuff.
Can a person with asthma and hearing aid work? - Yes, I work full time, and blog on my free time.
Happy reading folks and have a nice visit!

Knowledge is not a heavy burden to carry.

Propionate acetate

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