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After filming the underwater shots, Cameron began writing the screenplay. [47] He wanted to honor the people who died during the sinking, so he spent six months researching all of the Titanic ' s crew and passengers. [43] "I read everything I could. I created an extremely detailed timeline of the ship's few days and a very detailed timeline of the last night of its life," he said. [45] "And I worked within that to write the script, and I got some historical experts to analyze what I'd written and comment on it, and I adjusted it." [45] He paid meticulous attention to detail, even including a scene depicting the Californian ' s role in Titanic 's demise, though this was later cut (see below) . From the beginning of the shoot, they had "a very clear picture" of what happened on the ship that night. "I had a library that filled one whole wall of my writing office with Titanic stuff, because I wanted it to be right, especially if we were going to dive to the ship," he said. "That set the bar higher in a way – it elevated the movie in a sense. We wanted this to be a definitive visualization of this moment in history as if you'd gone back in a time machine and shot it." [45]

Test prop 18 years old

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