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4.  Regular blood and urine tests Tracking of ketones
Your child will have periodic urine tests to check the level of ketones. These can be done at home or at the doctor’s office. Ketones are substances formed when body fat is broken down for energy. This can happen after going without food for long periods of time, as the result of an illness, or during periods of heavy exercise. Ketones in the urine may signal the start of a metabolic crisis.
Blood tests
Your child will have regular blood tests to measure the levels of amino acids. Urine tests may also be done. Your child’s diet and medication may need to be adjusted based on the results of these tests.

The height increase depends on set-up and prop diameter. The Bravo I XS is a large diameter propeller. Typically, those running it raise the engine 1/2″ higher than the standard transom height. I’ve seen some run their Bravo I XS engines as high as 1″ above the standard height. It all depends on the application and what you want to get out of it. Hole shot – mid-range punch or top-end speed. A hydraulic transom plate enables the operator to experience the full capabilities of the Bravo I XS. Bottom line, you have to try and figure out what works best for your application.

This Halloween transform your home into a spooky mad scientist laboratory and fill your guest with "ooze" and ahhs! The Halloween prop kit includes a small bottle, a medium bottle, a large bottle, test tube, burner with PVC tube and stand. Also included is oz. spider web material with spider, rat, snake and skull-after all, every good lab needs a few test subjects! The props conveniently come in a reusable storage chest. Think outside the box, just like a mad scientist, and get creative with your disturbing laboratory scene! Throw in some blood splatter and dry ice for an extra chilling effect.

Test prop info

test prop info


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