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Very nice article, Jon. I’ve been following the Egg story for several years. It’s so unfortunate that Jan didn’t take a better approach to testing and supporting his product, much less delivering what was paid for. He seems to be a gifted engineer and attention to detail on his engines was pretty impressive. They sure LOOKED like beautifully-crafted engines. I’m curious what people think of the latest versions of his engine with the Gen 3 gearbox. Did he finally nail the design, albeit too late? In other words, is this an engine and PSRU you could buy, install, and fly behind without having to keep tweaking or otherwise re-engineering things? I’m curious, because I’ve seen brand new ones being sold cheaply. I’m assuming most of these sellers were nervous about either the reliability or the future lack of support or parts availability from Eggenfellner. I’ve noticed his old site it long gone. It’s just Viking engines now, with no mention of Subaru anymore. He truly ran away from it. Any opinions on buying a firewall-forward Gen 3 Eggenfellner engine package (for less than $10K)? By the way, it’s interesting to note the similarity with the Mazda rotary engine world. No firewall forward engine packages, and very few PSRU makers still active.

Hey John, that’s a really interesting video on the effects of sleep on testosterone levels. I know that can really mess with hormone levels. The same thing happens during extreme dieting and many competitive bodybuilders have the T levels of 90 year old men pre-contest. I’ve always been diligent about getting enough sleep and a bad night for me was 7 or 8 hours. I’ve also never gone much under 2,500 calories per day. As far as overtraining, I had periods where I would get so burnt out I would take a week off and then reset my program and work back up to my previous weights over the course of a month or so. Even during these easy periods the symptoms were all there. Before going on TRT my blood pressure, lipids, and body fat levels were all really good so I don’t think metabolic syndrome was at work. Thanks for the resource!

Test prop injection sites

test prop injection sites


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