Test prop insulin needle

I want to try a high mg product to cut down on the amount of oil per injection. My main concern was pip but this was very minor in delts and pip free in glutes.
Only had a single vial as a test and ran it at 800mg per week, 2 1ml shots mon and Thursday for 5 week's. Overall very pleased with the results,got what I expected with such a high dose. I've used AS Labs previously so was confident in the lab itself. Strength and libido started to pick up after a couple of weeks and continued onwards as the weeks progressed. I will definitely use this lab again, confidence is priceless in using gear of any brand, peace of mind is what I look for, nobody wants to waste weeks of training to realise within a few weeks that the gear they bought was bunk.

Thank you for stating my same problem, I ended up with an incomplete spinal cord injury which has caused severe lower back pain, paralysis of my left lower left leg neuropathy of both legs and no signal to my lower abdomen so you can imagine what it’s like to use the bathroom a daily of this from a snowmobile accident my first time on one my so called husband drove me and then he had to show off well we ended up airborne over a ditch it threw me off straight onto my butt and destroyed my back several broken vertebrae one that fragmented leaving me unable to work again I am a Registered Nurse after a 6 day stay in a trauma center and 6 weeks at a rehab hospital well the so called husband stayed the 1 st 2 years and then got himself a Girlfriend so much for in sickness and health. Then by April 2017 my cutting back on my medication all for this bull and I had been stable on the same 2 meds and able to get around short distances with my walker well now I am back in physical Therapy and the same therapist had seen me 3 years ago and has noticed a tremendous increase in weakness. So I had been doing fairly well and was looking to try and do some kind of work with the ticket to work program the changes in the meds have caused a continuous decline in my overall ability. now that I have been alone since 2015 I can’t even possibly get out to meet anyone,I feel like I am stuck in my house day after day with no chance of ever having a special person in my life ever again. I can walk short distances with a walker but I have no way of getting my wheelchair out of the house to be able to go anywhere. The last time i went to the mall or down the road,to a country fair was at least 3 years ago. Life sucks all the way around and No one cares to even help I now have more pain,weakness and life is just hell not one person cares Thanks for listening

Test prop insulin needle

test prop insulin needle


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