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AGDC foresees possible $1/mmBtu “netback” gas value
On a straightforward comparison AGDC feels it can land Alaska LNG in Asia for a price equal to or below . gulf competitors, or $9 per mmBtu, mainly because of the shorter shipping. However, after the expenses of the pipeline and LNG shipping are paid from a hypothetical $9 per mmBtu sales price, the “netback” value of the gas on the North Slope would be about $1 per mmBtu for the gas supplied by the producers and the state. Whether this is enough for the producers is unknown but this must be weighed against what alternatives there might be for the gas, which are few.

As for aldehydes , the hydrogen atoms on the carbon adjacent ("α to") the carboxyl group in esters are sufficiently acidic to undergo deprotonation, which in turn leads to a variety of useful reactions. Deprotonation requires relatively strong bases, such as alkoxides . Deprotonation gives a nucleophilic enolate , which can further react, ., the Claisen condensation and its intramolecular equivalent, the Dieckmann condensation . This conversion is exploited in the malonic ester synthesis , wherein the diester of malonic acid reacts with an electrophile (., alkyl halide ), and is subsequently decarboxylated. Another variation is the Fráter–Seebach alkylation .

Test prop oil based

test prop oil based


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