Testosterone prop smell

Sycomore...Do you know how badly I want you?

A Russian woman with a fur coat, stiletto boots, leather gloves,red lips, and a top knot came into my office a couple of years ago. I don't know what her business was, but everything about her commanded respect. Now pay attention to my choice of words here, her presence did not DEMAND respect, demanding is for those who haven't yet owned and embodied their own personal power. This woman was not a demanding type...she was a commander without words.

I was struck by her style, poise, womanliness, and as if to push the point of her absolute and unquestionable femininity...

….she smelled like a man.

Which was ABSOLUTELY freaking perfect. Usually I’d see a woman like this and I’d imagine she smelled like opulent tuberose, indolent jasmine, or even some kind of sweet and spicy dessert. But no, this particular woman came into my office that day wearing Sycomore.

She wore it so well, in fact, that I’ve been dreaming about owning a bottle of my own ever since.

I love this perfume, it has a lot in common with niche perfumes but at a lower price tag.

You hardly find a good EDP for men and this is one of the best around.

Starts with a boozy, woody,ambery notes and the boozy note becomes less pronounced later on. As it develops, the patchouli, resin, incense, and leather become more prominent, along with some floral notes to add sweetness. All these notes play together very nicely, producing a niche-like peefume.

All-in all, very masculine, mature perfume that screams authority.

What comes first are the rackets they are all running. Hillary Clinton will protect their rackets, both D and R. She’s crooked and so are the rest of them. Sure her rackets and the rackets of her friends will come first but the republican rackets will still operate and still generate income the way they have for the last eight years. Trump however is a wild card. He doesn’t have political rackets of his own, he’s always paid for influence and protection never offered it for sale. This makes him dangerous. On a whim he could wipe out decades long income streams.

Testosterone prop smell

testosterone prop smell


testosterone prop smelltestosterone prop smell