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I think this is a modern day classic. I think it may be the best designer fragrance at least, to come out in the last 12 years.; A true masterpiece.

Niche houses like Creed have have taken some cues from TdH in their newer release, "Vetiver Geranium". Geranium plays a more important part of the composition here, than the note pyramid would suggest.

TdH is about Vetiver, geranium and pepper.
The orange is the dominant citrus, but the sour grapefruit plays such an important part in tying the citruses into the Flint accord. The Flint accord is masterful blending of geranium, pepper, and a nuance of Patchouli.

This is best now in the Fall season, but is nice anytime, anywhere; very versatile.
Longevity is not great, but adequate.
The edp has better longevity, but is an inferior scent, too much cardomom.

I noticed the role of Benzoin in TdH for the first time since I first owned it 3 years ago. I have recently tried a Benzoin fragrance, Diptyque Benjoin Bohem.
The Benzoin adds a beautiful warm resinous base. It gives TdH a great contrast to the fresh notes. The Benzoin is subtle, so the fragrance stays fresh, yet adds the warmth that makes this a great cold weather fragrance, as well as cooler Summer days.

Top 100 tren zing

top 100 tren zing


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