Tren ace and test enanthate cycle

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Good Looking out on that! I edited it. Well, what first made me think about running them both was when i was planning my next cycle and i was going to Do tren again (but up the dosages or lower the test just kinda experiment and see how my body reacted) but where i order my stuff from.... they were running a promo and i was able to get some NPP for free. So after research and consulting with other users i decided that Although i may not get the effect from each one as i would if i were running them individually, i would still benefit from each one. Now to answer your other question.... I love tren... well because simply its the best.. strength...recovery.. you name it. But when it comes to NPP what really is such a huge reason for me using it was the lubrication of the joints. The first time i used it... was about 4 months after my surgery and it made rehab so much easier along with the over great feeling when lifting (especially heavy). My first tren cycle started off at a very average dose with 50mg every week.... it wasnt till the 6-7-8th week i started to up it do to the fact i had zero sides from it as i have with all my cycles. My logic behind running it so early on in my life is because i dont plan on running it for life. Im in the middle of medical school and i enjoy looking good. I guess to simplify the answer is... i guess im doing it just to get to where i always wanted to be at one point and time in my life... to get it out of my system so i can settle down and focus on my career and family later on (kinda like a girl and her slutty college years...just alot less STDS lol)

Tren ace and test enanthate cycle

tren ace and test enanthate cycle


tren ace and test enanthate cycletren ace and test enanthate cycletren ace and test enanthate cycletren ace and test enanthate cycletren ace and test enanthate cycle