Tren ave serie 100

The Class 390 Pendolino were maintained by Alstom (West Coast Traincare) under contract to Virgin Trains until 2012. The main maintenance locations are Wembley , Midlands ( Oxley, Wolverhampton ), Manchester (Longsight) and Glasgow (Polmadie) , as well as Liverpool (for minor work only) and several "Traincare Points" along the line of route (such as Euston and Carlisle ). Headquarters for West Coast Traincare moved from the former Metro-Cammell factory at Washwood Heath in Birmingham upon its closure in November 2005 to Manchester Longsight depot with some functions being based at a new office facility at Oxley depot.

Ha rebut el premi “William E. and Frederick C. Mosher Award” al millor artícle acadèmic de l’any 2009 de la American Society for Public Administration. Ha rebut el premi per el millor article acadèmic 2010 de US Academy of Management (Public & Nonprofit Division).  Ha rebut el XIII Premi Catalunya d’Economia (Societat Catalana d’Economia-Institut d’Estudis Catalans) a la millor investigació sobre economia a 2011; premi atorgat al llibre  Espanya, capital París. Barcelona: Destino 2010 (CAST); Barcelona: La Campana 2011 (CAT).

Tren ave serie 100

tren ave serie 100


tren ave serie 100tren ave serie 100tren ave serie 100tren ave serie 100tren ave serie 100