Tren gains steroids

I doubt it blocks it, you can get fat on it and if you can get fat, then you cant say it blocks it. What i think is, its the illusion of Tren, on wet compounds a shit diet immediately shows, you hold water like no tomorrow, but on Tren it doesnt happen to such a degree and im betting thats why people think it prevents fat production or at least partially prevents it. I dont know if you ran Tren but if you did you know when you drop it, two weeks later you're not as vascular or shredded, even tho you could be at the same bf% or even lower.

Q: I may compete in a tested federation in the next year, but I’m very interested in using Tri Tren. Any recommendations?
A: There are products from the likes of SteroidCleanse which will make everything but Nandrolone-based compounds disappear in less than a week. Use of these will make the five month detection window of Tri Tren seem like nothing to be concerned about. However, if you are competing in a bodybuilding or sports federation which also prohibits the use of masking agents, then Tri Tren may not be the right choice for you.

Tren gains steroids

tren gains steroids


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