Tren steroid libido

Weeks Testosterone-Propionate Equipoise Trenbolone-Acetate Dianabol Anavar Arimidex
1 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
2 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
3 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
4 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
5 125/eod 400mg /ed
6 125/eod 400mg /ed
7 125/eod 400mg 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
8 125/eod 400mg 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
9 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
10 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
11 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
12 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed

Im 26 always been horny as fuck, havent taken aas yet. Got a 19 year old girlfriend and finally realized that im not always as horny as i thought i was. She wants it all the time, and even go 3 or 4 times in a row with her but its still not enough. I need dsys off sometimes and since ive had a good deal of pussies and mouths, im just not as crazy about it. I wouldn't be able to tell if i was with a 26 year old girl, but this 19 year old really makes it obvious to me that my libido isnt what it was when i was a horny teen...and im kind of ok with it.

Tren steroid libido

tren steroid libido


tren steroid libidotren steroid libidotren steroid libidotren steroid libidotren steroid libido