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Test 600 has no official certifications. The product itself is not formally backed by any outside research, although its active ingredients do have an amount of proven research behind them. Most of these ingredients are already well known and proven on the market, so there is unlikely to be much change in their certification or research status in the near future. The FDA does not usually put intensive study or certification efforts into herbal extracts. Its safety and effectiveness are primarily a matter of looking at the broader research as discussed above for each ingredient.

The NRS contracts laboratories to analyse animal and plant product samples for pesticide/veterinary medicine residues and environmental contaminants. Laboratories are selected through the Australian Government tendering process on the basis of their proficiency, accreditation against international standards (ISO/IEC 17025) and value for money. Contracted laboratories are proficiency tested by the NRS to ensure the validity of their analytical results and technical competence. The NRS has been accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities as a proficiency test provider since July 2005.

Trenbolone military

trenbolone military


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