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I experience this 11:11 before but i forgot when was it. Again, I experienced it last 11/01/15 @ 11:11 am, that was the time I planned to gave up my bf who i think is my tf. We met 3 years ago from our previous hospital in a different city, but I had a bf then and he got gf too. Last year, I resigned from that hospital. I transferred to another city,(where i am currently working) and so was he but to other hospital. He kept on telling me that destiny brought us back together but I didn’t believe him. April of this year, we were already on the same city, he was trying to communicate with me but I rejected it as I was still hurt with the previous relationship and thought that I still love my ex. I deactivated my old facebook that time and made a new one. Last June, I activated my old fb again . He was the one to message me first when I opened it, he was thinking that I blocked him. Then he added my new fb after that. It all started there, we communicate everyday until we finally met up. He told me that it was his firstime to see a pair of eyes like mine where he felt that he will be happy and can see his soul….he even said that it was his second time to feel that feeling again. I ask him to whom he had felt such feelings, he stopped and think and said to his first gf. But I think he was not sure of it. Synchronize things happened but I consider it that time as coincidence. I still don’t believe with the destiny he was saying. We both felt, why we didn’t met before our exes, we think that we could make each other happy…we have the same goal in life. 2 weeks on a heavenly feelings. Arguments started. I Got feeling scared, fear..then I blocked him on messengers. He became so angry and told me if what’s wrong with me. But I cant answer him properly. I just felt that fear….but I don’t know where that fear came from. I got him so angry that he didn’t talk to me for more than a week…I was the one chasing him…and at the same time running from him, usually I am the one who’s feelong like I wanna give up, I felt angry also. The cycle happened in 4 months(but our communication is still continuous!), I even ask him why he is so angry even on little things…where does his rudeness and arrogance came from. He will chat to everyone except answering my messages. Its like he is trying to tell me that he don’t care about me. He was really trying to hurt me. I felt that.

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Winstrol q es

winstrol q es


winstrol q eswinstrol q eswinstrol q eswinstrol q eswinstrol q es